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Biosera supplies high quality fetal bovine serum at competitive prices. We offer free of charge 50ml samples and hold non-obligatory reserves while your tests are in place. If you would like a free sample for testing, please click to the right.

Fetal Bovine Serum and Other Sera

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Fetal-bovine-serum-by-bioseraBiosera supplies high quality Fetal Bovine/Fetal Calf Serum at competitive prices. We offer free of charge 50ml samples and hold non-obligatory reserves whilst your tests are in place. After completion of the tests, we will hold a reservation of your chosen batch for 12-18 months dependant upon your requirements. Goods are sent on a two day service with dry ice.

All of our fetal bovine serum is vigorously tested for sterility, mycoplasma, specific viruses (BVD, IBR & PI3).  It is also tested on the ability to support in vitro cell growth, plating efficiency and cloning efficiency on any of the following cell lines – HeLa, L929, SP2/O-AG8, MRC-5, CHO and BHK. The results of these tests are recorded on the Certificates of Analysis.

Biosera supplies the highest quality animal serum, including fetal bovine serum, and ancillary cell culture products to culturists around the world. Our cell culture media and cell culture research labs provide our customers with a reliable experience. We make it a goal to stay up to date with the latest heat inactivated fetal bovine serums and fetal bovine serum prices. Our proximity to serum sources enables us to provide a wide range of certificated origins. Our experience in supplying biological and perishable materials allows us to deliver our high quality products, such as heat inactivation fbs, to customers near and far.  This coupled with our dedication to providing the best in customer care makes Biosera the perfect solution to your cell culture!

Biosera specializes in cell culture research as well as fetal bovine serum and heat inactivated fetal bovine serum.

Production of Fetal Bovine Serum and other sera

Fetal Bovine Serum is derived from clotted whole blood, collected from the foetus via cardiac puncture.  The blood is immediately centrifuged and the serum frozen for transfer to our processing facilities. On receipt at the processing plant, the serum is thawed, tested for acceptability, pooled and passed through three 100nm (0.1um) sterilising filters.  The serum is bottled through an asceptic filling process.

Full Traceability

For all batches we have full recorded traceability.  The labelling system is computerised and designed for batch-to-batch clarity and the movement of each batch is monitored throughout the treatment and production to final packaging.


All sera is vigorously tested for sterility, mycoplasma, viruses (BVD, IBR & PI3).  Each batch is also tested for its ability to support in vitro cell growth, plating efficiency and cloning efficiency on any of the following cell lines – HeLa, L929, SP2/O-AG8, MRC-5, CHO and BHK. Certified and special certified sera are subject to a battery of further tests including  endotoxin, chemical components, protein electrophoresis and radial immunodiffusion.


In accordance with EU Regulation 999/2001 female of European origin donors over the age of 20 months are tested for BSE prior to processing.  Only donors that test negative are processed.

Code Product Volume
FB-1001 FBS South American Origin 100ml/500ml
FB-1060 FBS South American Origin, Ultra-low endotoxin 100ml/500ml
FB-1370 FBS Australian Origin, USDA approved 100ml/500ml
FB-1280 FBS French Origin 100ml/500ml
FB-1345 FBS Central American Origin, USDA Approved 100ml/500ml
FB-1350 FBS USA Origin 100ml/500ml
FB-1360 FBS Mexican Origin, USDA Approved 100ml/500ml
FB-1365 FBS Chilean Origin 100ml/500ml

Special Treatments for Fetal Bovine Serum

Biosera is able to offer special treatments on all sera to meet customers’ specific requirements. If you require a treatment not listed here, please contact your local Biosera office or Distributor.

Calcium Depleted
The calcium depletion is achieved using chromatography columns (ion-exchange resin). This resin is selective for divalent cations over monovalent cations (It follows that copper, iron, magnesium, zinc etc. levels will be lowered too).This serum may show some reduced growth promotion of cells requiring the presence of calcium or other divalent cations.

Charcoal Stripped 
Fetal Bovine Serum treated with charcoal activated dextran has reduced levels of various hormones and other factors, making it useful for assaying cells used in receptor and other signal related studies.

Fetal Bovine Serum is dialysed against an osmo-equivalent saline solution using membranes with a cut-off rated at 12,000 Daltons (previously 10,000 Daltons). The concentration of small components such as ions, salts, nucleotides, amino acids, vitamins, some hormones and other metabolites is substantially reduced.

Gamma Irradiated
Fetal bovine serum is λ-irradiated after sterilisation by a 60Co source with 25kGy to eliminate mycoplasma and λ-radiation sensitive viruses. Product is irradiated prior to sterilisation and is currently only available for South American origin.

Heat Inactivated fetal bovine serum

Fetal bovine serum is incubated at 56°C for 30 minutes to inactivate the compliment cascade.

Iron Supplemented
A 1% Ferric citrate sterile solution is added to the serum at 0.246% (v/v). Then the serum is well mixed. Transferrin is normally 20 to 40 % bound to iron.

Lipid Depleted
Cholesterol, Triglycerides and Phospholipids are removed by treating the fetal bovine serum with a product called Liposorb.

Stem Cell Tested
Our highest quality fetal bovine serum lots are screened for use with stem cells. Using cells specifically grown by a leading stem cell company, we assay these lots for growth rate, plating efficiency, colony morphology and toxicity.

Tetracycline Tested
The fetal bovine serum is tested for the presence of Chlortetracycline, Oxytetracycline and Tetracycline by a liquid chromatography electrospray ionisation tandem mass spectrometry method. The detection limit is <0.05 mg/l.

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