Does gamma irradiation affect FBS performances?

At standard dosage of gamma irradiation, no loss of performance is observed on the first generations of cells. We notice no change on hormones, osmolarity, pH, endotoxins nor electrophoretic profile of the FBS. As ionizing radiations kill viruses, it also break some proteins and decolorate the product by reducing haemoglobin level. Radiations also decrease the serum metabolites (ALP, ALT, AST, LDH) and may slightly affect growth promotion, plating efficiency and cloning efficiency with some cell lines.

Biowest suggests you to test your cell lines with serum gamma irradiated and not in order to define the potential impact of the treatment on your applications.

If viruses seem to modify the results of your work, Biosera also propose you to test FBS Biopharm, our highest quality, certified free of 11 major cattle viruses.

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