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Accutase is a ready-to-use, gentler alternative to Trypsin, containing enzymes for detaching “anchorage-dependent” cells from surfaces. It can also be used on suspension cells to reduce clumping for counting.

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Bioguard (Disinfectant Solution)

Bioguard is a disinfectant solution for incubators, water baths and surfaces in daily use in cell culture and molecular biology laboratories.

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Cell Culture Water

Cell Culture Water is used to dissolve dry powder cell culture media and meets specific sterility requirements, including tests for aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, fungi, and yeast. The endotoxin level is maintained at less than 0.005EU/mL.

Colcemid prevents spindle formation responsible for cell division during the mitosis process, thereby permitting an increase in number of metaphases.

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D-Glucose Monohydrate (Dextrose)

D-Glucose Monohydrate (Dextrose) is a common natural sugar involved in processes, such as energy production, glycosylation, and formation of glycans that provide structure to cells. D-Glucose Monohydrate is involved in a detrimental process in cells called glycation. D-Glucose Monohydrate is used as a supplement for cell culture and in numerous cellular processes.

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Glutamine (L-Glutamine & Stable Glutamine)

L-Glutamine is an essential amino acid required by virtually all mammalian and insect cells grown in culture. It is a crucial component of many cell culture media and serves as a major energy source for cells in culture. L-Glutamine is very stable as a dry powder and as a frozen solution. However, in liquid media or stock solutions, L-Glutamine can degrade relatively rapidly.

Lymphosep is designed for a simple, rapid isolation of lymphocytes from whole blood, once diluted and treated with anticoagulant or defibrinating agent.

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Phytohaemagglutinin M (PHA-M)

PHA-M is a lectin extracted from red kidney beans (Phaseolus vulgaris). PHA-M is the mucoprotein form and is a crude extract used for the stimulation of cell proliferation in lymphocyte culture. PHA-M also has a powerful erythroagglutinating property and it was originally used for separating leukocytes from whole blood.

Trypsin is a porcine pancreas-derived enzyme that is commonly used for the dissociation and disaggregation of “anchorage-dependent ” mammalian cells and tissues.

Recombinant Trypsin is a genetically engineered protein expressed in E-Coli. As such it is totally animal free, free from contaminating enzymes like chymotrypsin as well as protease inhibitors. It is highly stable with a high purity (95 %). It is widely used in insulin manufacturing, vaccines and cell culture applications.